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How It Works

Benefits & Effectiveness
Dr.m literally gets rid of your tooth problem at its roots. It is the world’s first device to treat sensitive teeth that can be applied at home without any medical treatment by a dentist. Using a low level laser indirectly emitted from the soft bristles, as you brush your teeth with Dr.m, the laser interacts with your gum tissues, safely and effectively causing a bio-stimulation to the cells and tissues reversing the process of gum reduction.



Human dental matter is the hardest tissue in the body. The tooth consists of a crown which is the main body of tooth, and the root which is located deep in the jaw bone. The root is made up of teeth enamel that surrounds the outside of the root, and dentin that is located inside of the root. Inside of the root is pulp that consists of various cells, blood vessels, and nerve fibers. The enamel surrounding the crown, and outside of the root is cementum.

Dentin hypersensitivity in most cases is related to abrasion of the cervical area or exposure of root surface area caused by reduced periodontium (gum). A tooth with dentin hypersensitivity has dentinal tubules twice the size of a normal tooth’s dentinal tubules. The purpose of Dr.m is to treat hypersensitivity by reducing the enlarged diameter of the affected dentinal tubules.

Dr.m is clinically proven to be effective in hindering the delivery of stimulant through the dentinal tubules and blocking the delivery of painful stimuli by closing the matrix region of the tubules. Therefore providing direct alleviation of pain on nerve endings located at the borders between the pulp and the tooth to ease pain and discomfort, bleach and whiten teeth, promote healthy gums, and protect your teeth from bacteria and decay.


Dr.MBenefits & Effectiveness

  • Long term pain relief of sensitive teeth
  • Eliminate dentin hypersensitivity
  • Prevent various diseases caused by bacteria
  • Promote healthy gums
  • Remove plaque
  • Whiten teeth
  • Completely safe and certified
  • Better oral health




Additional Benefits
Frequent use of Dr.m also helps protect against injury to teeth pulp, preventing complications of invasive root treatment. Future attack of the acute sharp pain known as sensitive teeth is also prevented when you use Dr.m.

As we age, our gumline recedes exposing the dentin to toothbrush abrasion. Fortunately, the unique design of Dr.m bristles eliminates this occurrence and protects your tooth enamel. The bristle is also highly effective in getting rid of plaque.

Dr.m is more than just your regular toothbrush. It is the only treatment method for sensitive teeth that has been tested and proven for safety and efficacy by researchers at leading universities and hospitals. Eliminate and prevent unnecessary toothache by choosing to use Dr.m as your essential toothbrush.


Treatment Duration
Each treatment takes five minutes while brushing your teeth.

For best results, it is recommended to use Dr.m on problem area two to three times per day over a period of four to six weeks.


Dr.m low level laser is totally safe, however do not gaze into the laser for an extended period of time and do not point the laser directly into the eyes.


We brush our teeth every day, but there is no toothbrush that can treat the pain caused by dentin hypersensitivity. When Dr.m is used in addition to normal tooth brushing, you can maintain clean teeth and ease the pain of sensitive teeth at the same time. The existing references show that low-level laser therapy can show better results when used more frequently. That is why Dr.m can restore dental health and improve quality of teeth when used on a regular basis.

You can now take control of your teeth hypersensitivity and restore it to its natural healthy state, and keep it that way. Dr.m is a revolutionary laser toothbrush that treats teeth sensitivity, provides long term relief to tooth pain and improves your oral health. It also whitens your teeth.

Enjoy your favorite food without worrying about the dreadful pain that may eject you off your seat. The only proven safe and effective treatment method is now made available to you exclusively by Prodacta Essentials.

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