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  [The Korea Herald] M&H develops laser toothbrush for oral care
  - 2009년 12월 14일
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Teeth, known as the strongest substance of human body, can cause recurring pain among the aged.

M&H, one of the leading medical equipment producers in Korea, has come with a solution to help patients suffering from dental hypersensitivity.

Its Laser Toothbrush, which works without toothpaste, has been recently been proven effective in treating the tooth and reducing pains.

It has recently been through clinical experimentation at Seoul National University Hospital and the Hospital of the Catholic University of Korea.

The results of the experiment proved M&H's laser toothbrush to be effective in treating patients suffering from dentin hypersensitivity.

"The treatment group was able to lower the level of pain significantly. We find that the low-level laser toothbrush is considered to be an effective clinical tool for reducing pain due to dentin hypersensitivity," the company said.

Its safety has also been proven.

"The M&H laser toothbrush has a more advanced ergonomic design than any existing functional toothbrush. We developed the medical laser toothbrush using the low-power (625nm/7mW) medical semiconductor laser, which has not been used yet," the company said.

Two patents are registered in Korea and the international patent is being prepared for registration. The company has been certified with the CE mark, a EU certification label, and has registered with the FDA in the United States. The medical equipment produced by M&H are suited to the Good Manufacturing Practices.

"M&H laser toothbrush is an exclusive medical toothbrush in the worldwide market as well as in the domestic market," the company said.

M&H laser toothbrush radiates the 635nm/7mw low-power medical semiconductor laser into the toothbrush wool. It works with a programmed tooth management system and turns on laser for the recommended treatment period (55 seconds) with on-touch mode switch. In this case, the laser toothbrush does not need toothpaste but directly radiates laser on the affected part.

Between 55 seconds and 1 minute, the laser goes on and off at a 0.5 second interval and the laser toothbrush informs the user that the treatment is complete. After the treatment completion, a user applies toothpaste on toothbrush wool and cleans its teeth for 2 minutes. When the tooth cleaning is finished, the laser disappears. After washing the laser toothbrush with clean water, user cleans teeth and completes treating the affected part for 1 minute 57 seconds, the company explained.

The tooth brush does not hurt any tissues sensitive to light with energy concentration, since it uses the semiconductor laser output less than 7mW, it added.

Since its establishment in 2003, M&H has developed and produced numerous pieces of medical equipment, including a high-tech laser, laser cervical vertebrae protector, oral care laser tooth brush, pulse stimulator, skin radiator, laser care and the total head care system.

In the current market, the qualitative needs are steeply increasing compared with the quantitative supply. M&H manufacturing plant has grown to adapt the transition of the market, the company said.



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