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  • Dentin hypersensitivity
    Dentin hypersensitivity
    - How it works
    M&H laser toothbrush radiates the 635nm/7mW low-power medical semiconductor laser (LLLT) into the toothbrush wool. It works with a programmed tooth management system and turns on laser for recommending treatment period (55 seconds) with one-touch mode switch.(In this case, the laser toothbrush does not need toothpaste but directly radiates laser on the affected part.) Between 55 second and 1 minute, laser goes on and off with 0.5 second interval and the laser toothbrush informs user the completion of treatment. After the treatment completion, user applies toothpaste on toothbrush wool and cleans its teeth for 2 minutes. When the tooth cleaning is finished, laser goes on and off three times with 0.5 second interval. After washing the laser toothbrush with clean water, user cleans teeth and completes the treatment of affected part for 1 minute 57 seconds. Then, the laser toothbrush is kept vertically. Overall, the laser toothbrush works for 5 minutes after the mode switch turns on. After 5 minutes, laser turns off and all the programs are automatically closed, and the toothbrush goes to sleep mode.

    - Safety
    M&H laser toothbrush uses 635nm low-power medical semiconductor laser (LLLT). M&H laser toothbrush does not hurt any tissues (eye) sensitive to light with energy concentration, since it uses the semiconductor laser output less than 7mW. M&H laser toothbrush radiates laser only when the toothbrush wool is inserted into the laser emission part. (Laser emission part has safety switch) M&H laser toothbrush automatically stops after 5 minutes from its start.
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