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A taste of your favorite ice cream, a sip of refreshing ice tea or bite on a candy bar and even slurping nutritious hot soup sends a sharp pain through your teeth and gums. It makes enjoying your favorite food a chore. What is going on and why do your teeth reacting to hot, cold, sweet or sour foods?


Qualities of Dr.m
Dr.m is the world’s first laser toothbrush that uses low level laser therapy to treat dentin sensitivity. Dr.m is more than just pain relief, it is a cure for sensitive teeth. Proven by leading hospitals and universities for safety and efficacy, Dr.m whitens teeth, restores dental health and provides direct relief for sensitive teeth pain.

Thorough technical evaluation, medical research and clinical studies, find Dr.m laser toothbrush one of the most effective dental tool for treating dentin hypersensitivity and reducing pain.


Dr.m a medical toothbrush
no more sensitive teeth with Dr.m, eat all the ice cream you want!
Treatment options are also limited because treatment must be painless, must not cause discoloration to the gum and must not agitate tooth pulp. In fact, there is currently only one method that is safe and effective in treating dentin sensitivity, and promotes good oral health.

Dr.m has been qualified by governments and International health authorities as a personal medical instrument for home use to treat sensitive teeth and common dental diseases. It is cleared and approved by the FDA, CE, GMP, GOST, IEC, RoHS, SASO, KFDA.

You have found the solution for long term relief and treatment of sensitive teeth, here at Prodacta Essentials: Dr.m laser toothbrush for sensitive teeth.


no more sensitive teeth with Dr.m, eat all the ice cream you want!Benefits of Dr.m

  • Immediate pain relief of sensitive teeth
  • Reduce dentin hypersensitivity
  • Prevent various diseases caused by bacteria
  • Promote healthy gums
  • Remove plaque
  • Whiten teeth
  • Better oral health
  • completely waterproof



Treating sensitive teeth is now possible
Tooth sensitivity can be quite confusing for both you and your dentist. It is difficult to identify which tooth is in trouble and causing the pain. However, the presence of pain is a sure sign that you have exposed dentin that requires immediate treatment. If delayed, pulp tissue may be severely damaged and a root canal (amongst other root treatments) may be required.

You are possibly a silent sufferer of dentin hypersensitivity, commonly known as “teeth sensitivity”. Sensitive teeth are most often caused by exposed dentin, which is a result of gum recession, or toothbrush/toothpaste abrasion or dental decay. It can occur at any age.

No one likes going to the dentist more often than they have to. Protect yourself and your family against dentin sensitivity and other oral hygiene problems by making the right choice and investing in Dr.m today!

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